Brown Farmer Media Group Oversee CPD Diversity Recruitment Campaign

Photo Credit: Mary L. Datcher/Chicago Defender
Photo Credit: Mary L. Datcher/Chicago Defender

Brown Farmer Media Group Oversee CPD Diversity Recruitment Campaign

On Tuesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel officially announced that the city would now be accepting applications for the April 2017 Police Entry Exam, in addition to launching a recruitment campaign that will target more people of color.

The Chicago Police Department has come under fire for its lack of diversity within the police force, creating friction between officers and African-American communities.

To facilitate the new 2017 recruitment and marketing campaign, Be the Change, the city has selected Brown Farmer Media Group, a minority- and woman-owned business to lead the charge. The campaign will connect the city with grassroots partners, including local businesses, colleges, universities, police associations and faith-based organizations to host community events.

In addition to various neighborhood programming, Brown Farmer Media Group will oversee a partnership with WVON 1690 to host workshops at the station’s Legacy Center and during on-air programming to promote CPD’s efforts.

“We look forward to working closely with key grassroots leaders and organizations to reach diverse communities and help spread the word quickly,” said Deborah Olivia Farmer, president and CEO of the Brown Farmer Media Group. “We will partner with many of Chicago’s churches, for example, who have built-in connections to schools, social, civic and fraternal organizations, social service agencies, community organizations, housing developments, block clubs, park districts and local community leaders.” 

Joining her team is Dr. Carol Adams of Urban Prescriptive and Toussaint Werner of Calumet Creative to help initiate objectives and transparency throughout this process.

The minimum age to apply to take the exam is 18. At the time of hire, candidates must be a resident of the city of Chicago, have a valid State of Illinois driver’s license, have 60 semester hours of college credit or 36 months of continuous active duty, or one-year continuous active service with 30 semester hours.

The exam fee of $30 will be eliminated with more flexible options for taking the required physical fitness test.

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