Breakthrough haircare line for Black women

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For many Black women, maintaining moisture in the hair is an ongoing challenge, but there may finally be an affordable solution.

Renowned stylist Oscar James is the spokesperson for a new product line formulated specifically for African-American women. CLEAR Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Ultra Shea consists of four products that all work together to treat the scalp.

It is a common misconception that healthy hair starts at the ends, leading most black women to focus only on them. James has been in the hair industry for over fifteen years and his philosophy is that treatment begins with the scalp.

“It’s the utmost important because like ninety-nine percent of the hair’s natural strength comes from the scalp so it’s really about nourishing the scalp if you want healthy beautiful hair,” James told the Defender.

He said the ends still should not be ignored, advising women to use products to protect their hair from the heat. He recommends nourishing balms and conditioners. The product line is composed of scalp and hair oil, scalp nourishment balm, shampoo and conditioner.

The unique fact about the line is unlike certain products that can only be used on either natural or relaxed hair, this line is designed to work with both types.

He used to suffer from a dry scalp, but CLEAR prevented the dryness.

“This product was the first product that I used that actually eliminates it and keeps the dry scalp at bay,” he said.

Some of the key ingredients are nutrium 10, shea butter, and natural oils. James said that the oils are light and do not cause the hair to feel heavy. Even though the products compare to luxury products, James said they are still affordable.

“One thing I love about the CLEAR products is that you’re getting a luxury brand and luxury feel at mass cost. When you feel the shampoo, feel the oil and the balm, it’s unparallel for a mass product,” said James.

The Emmy Award-winning stylist attended beauty school and high school simultaneously and after moving to New York in 1987, he made a name for himself. His client list consists of models and celebrities like Iman, Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Beyonce and so on.

Never big on trends, James has always focused on creating lasting healthy hair. He said that many women tend to style their hair in the latest trend, but warns that what is popular, may not always be what is best.

“In the end, healthy hair really is what’s beautiful. Healthy strong hair is timeless, ” he added.


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