Breaking Barriers and Transforming Lives. Children’s Home and Aid Works towards Equality for Illnois Families.

Over the past year, Illinois saw the devastating impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on the 30,000 children and families Children’s Home and Aid partners with across Illinois. Many communities of color were not only disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic but the virus exacerbated many issues families face—including poverty, chronic stress and mental health issues, and joblessness.

On June 8, Children’s Home and Aid in partnership with their Ahquist Center for Policy, Practice and Innovation held a virtual event aimed at creating a more equitable system that allows families to thrive.  The virtual event featured Keynote Speaker, Baratunde Thurston.  Thurston is a New York Times Best Selling Author of the book, “How to be Black” and the host of the podcast “How to Citizen”.   He spoke on how the public can work their way toward a more equitable future for children.

Children’s Home and Aid is a child and family service agency in Illinois.  The organization aims to invest in families to disrupt generations of systematic racial, social and economic inequality.   The event, “Breaking Barriers. Centering Families. Transforming Systems”, also featured a panel discussion with award winning writer, Jamilah Lemieux with guests, Jen Agosti, Berto Acqayo, Dawnielle Jeffrey and the Honorable Zina Cruse.

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