Break The Cycle

Bernada Nicole

“Stop focusing on the deck of cards that was dealt to you, and start thinking about how you’re going to play the hand.” –Marshawn Evans
Have you ever thought about what your life would look like today if you had been born into a different family, if you were raised differently, if your marriage had survived, if you had not been fired from that job, if you had made some different choices, if everything had turned out exactly the way you planned it, or if you dared to actually take the risks that you’ve only dreamed about? We must break the cycle of mismanaging the deck of cards that we were dealt in an effort to break the cycles of life that hold us back, paralyze us, hinder us, enhance our excuses, make us blind to our own possibilities and that ultimately prohibit us from living our best lives.
Mismanagement of our emotions, mismanagement of our finances, mismanagement of our time, mismanagement of our resources, mismanagement of our space, mismanagement of our thoughts, mismanagement of our desires, mismanagement of our relationships, mismanagement of our dreams, mismanagement of our gifts and talents, mismanagement of our common sense, mismanagement of our religious practices, mismanagement of our perspectives and biases and mismanagement of mediocrity are among the devices that will continue to haunt you if you are not intentional about breaking the cycle.
You need to break the cycle and get down to the root of the problem. You must get to a place where you are intentional about moving beyond your places of familiarity, and normal confines for how you have mismanaged things in your past. The key that will unlock your destiny is how you manage the treasures that God has entrusted unto you.
You have been so busy focusing on other people, and focusing on your situation that you have neglected to maximize your destiny. You have wasted far too much of your precious time and energy talking about your lack of resources, your lack of support and lack of time, rather than creating innovative strategies to birth forth new concepts and ideas. You have neglected to discover the greatness that lies within you. You have mismanaged your time by focusing on the mistakes that you have made and the doors that were slammed shut in your face. You have mismanaged your opportunities by allowing the opinions of others to prohibit you from passionately chasing after your purpose, by being paralyzed by that marriage that ended, by always questioning whether you were good enough, by always looking for validation from others, by allowing the naysayers and dream killers to talk you out of achieving your dreams, by remaining devastated because of your divorce and stuck because you refused to allow yourself the opportunity to fail forward, learn the lesson and to keep moving onward and upward. Shake lose your fears, inhibitions, concerns, worries and excuses about why you are not capable of soaring to the next level. Invest your energy into flying with eagles, rather than quacking at the pond with ducks.
Your hard work, dedication, commitment to your dreams and determination to break generational curses, eliminate negative thoughts and annihilate unhealthy behaviors and make an impact on the world will one day pay off, but you must remain committed to the process of breaking the cycles. You have the power to create the life that you desire to live. Stay the course, never give up and always strive for the next best thing in life. You must never become comfortable with your current state of being. It is imperative that you are constantly thinking about advancing to the next level in life. In the words of my colleague, Exavier Pope, “start out with a purpose. Start your plan, partner with people who are pursuing their purpose and persevere.”
Bernada Nicole is the founder & CEO of The Princess Within Foundation. She is a community psychologist, educator and author. Visit her at


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