Bobbi Kristina’s final texts revealed desperation, fear of Nick Gordon


Final text messages sent by Bobbi Kristina Brown reveal a woman who was desperate and heartbroken over her abusive and dysfunctional relationship with boyfriend Nick Gordon.
While she does not come out and actually say it, Gordon seemed like she was in the process of breaking up or leaving Gordon because of his nonstop mental and physical abuse and was regularly cheating on her.
Bobbi Kristina, whom friends and family referred to as “Krissi”, told a friend via text messages that she was anguished and despondent Gordon’s rampant cheating and abusive behavior.
Krissi, 22, was found found face down and unconscious in a bathtub full of water at her suburban Atlanta home on Jan. 31. She was transported to North Fulton Hospital where doctors placed her on life support. She was then transferred to the world-renowned Emory University Medical Center in Midtown Atlanta because they specialize in brain trauma, but her condition never improved and she never regained consciousness.
Bobbi Kristina was taken off life support last week and moved to a hospice in Roswell, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta, to live our her remaining days or weeks.
Text messages Brown exchanged with a friend in the hours before she drowned revealed her sadness and desperation.
“Hey baby I miss you so much. Sorry I’ve been working so much lately. I saw you called me last night,” Brown’s friend texted.
“Hey babe boo boo. Yeah I’m sad … It’s about Nick,” Brown replied in a text.
“Yeah I just seriously don’t know what to do about him,” she added. “You know how he is. I care about him but I’m so sick of the fighting and him telling me what I can and can’t do. Plus what I found out … I’m devastated … I need my BFF baby love.”
Brown and the friend made plans for her to go to her friend’s home — away from Gordon.
“Krissi was referring to Nick’s violent outbursts that turned physical and abusive, all of which were aimed at her,” a source told Radar Online. “She was also upset that he’d text and flirt with other women, and she suspected that Nick was cheating on her.”
Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard confirmed to the media his office has taken a much greater interest in the circumstances leading up to Bobbi Kristina being found in the bathtub. Roswell police made Gordon a person of interest because of the injuries found on BK after she was taken to the hospital on Jan. 31.
Take a look at Bobbi Krstina’s final text exchange with her BFF:

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