Black Twitter Makes Real-Life Self-Defense Instructor The Newest Meme

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If you want to learn self-defense techniques, Black Twitter is hilariously showing how it’s done.

After a video of a real-life self-defense instructor with the Detroit Urban Survival Training –– D.U.S.T. –– went viral, comedians and Twitter users have been taking the lessons into their own hands.

The series of original videos show the instructor teaching some seemingly risky maneuvers –– like how to take a gun out of a would-be robber’s hands, or putting your finger to block the trigger of a gun during a stick-up –– and people can’t get enough.

“Y’all laughing but he’s still alive,” one Twitter user commented in response to all the parody videos and laughs.What makes these even more hilarious to me is that he’s dead ass.

— Racks (@FraudActivity_) November 27, 2021

In one of the parodies posted to Twitter, @ayye_pap hilariously demonstrates what might go wrong when trying to use some to the D.U.S.T techniques –– like if a robber fights back

And this is how you can increase your survivability 101 🤝

— Stamaur Mitchell (@Ayye_pap) November 29, 2021

Some Twitter users expressed their doubts on the techniques, like this one where the instructor demonstrates how you could apparently prevent someone from abducting your child by using your thumb.

Man this ain’t gonna stop a man from abducting a child STOP IT!!!! 😭😭😭😭

— Shannon Sharpe Burner Account (@shannonsharpeee) November 27, 2021

On a serious note, though, keeping yourself safe –– like staying aware of your surroundings, letting loved ones know where you are –– is important and should be taken seriously.

Check out Beyond Defense –– a Black woman-owned self-defense company that offers discreet ways to keep yourself safe.

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