Black Startup Wants You To Ditch Selfies on Vacation

Dovetail founders Sheehan Fisher and Wilmarie Santana-Rios in Polignano A Mare, Italy

When you’re on vacation, taking personal pictures can become distressing. Everyone wants the perfect photo through their cell phone.  If you’re traveling solo, you have to take out that long selfie stick or ask people around you, “Hey, do you mind taking this picture for me?” What are the odds that the photo will come out blurry and not very appealing?
We all want that perfect picture to capture a particular moment in time. Whether you’re by yourself, with your significant other, family, or on a friendcation, Dovetail Experience is a Black-owned company that provides vacationers with personal photo shoots when they travel to international destinations.
Dovetail Experience is a personal vacation photography service that connects travelers with local and professional photographers to take glamorous photos for an affordable price.
Sheehan Fisher, 33, started Dovetail after he and his wife, Wilmarie, 33, decided to hire photographers every year when they traveled to renew their vows.  Today, they have a worldwide network of photographers in more than 60 international locations who can be hired for professional shoots in some of the most iconic locales in the world. Sheehan and his wife have a particular interest in creating opportunities for people of color to travel and see the world, and Dovetail is a tool that helps encourage travel.
Now that summer is here, we are officially moving into vacation season. Whether it’s a family trip or newlyweds heading out on a honeymoon, millions of people will be traveling in the upcoming months, and many of them will be going to international locations.
Dovetail’s primary goal is to be professional, assist, organize and give guidance just in case travelers have questions about the area.

A couple in Rome, Italy
Vacationers in Barcelona, Spain

Fisher states, “On the day they [customers] do the photoshoot, they meet the photographer at a certain location for 1-3 hours, whatever the client may choose. After the photo shoot, the photos are returned within five business days. This gives the client a chance to get their photos before they leave their vacation and they can put them on social media while they’re still on vacation and highlight the things that they have done.”
One of the essential points that clients love about Dovetail is having a local photographer during their vacation. Local photographers typically know the nooks and crannies in the area. They can suggest where to shoot and what time of the day to set up for that location and suggest clothing to wear.
“We work a lot with African American families; we try to suggest what colors to wear, what works best with skin complexions, so it’s helpful to the client. We are also highly focused on the experience; we try to make sure it is cherished as much as possible no matter what the event is and they all love having high-quality photos”
Millennials are changing the face of travel. Traveling is no longer considered a luxury but instead a necessity–a necessity to get away from daily stress, to explore different cultures or for special occasions.
Fisher also gives some tips for people to be conscious of before they go on any vacation.
“Do a little research on the cultures and customs of the area because it helps people adjust to where they are going. I would highlight to try to find out for yourself. I know people read things online [like reviews] but be open to a new experience and give things a chance in the activities you are engaging in. The experience of immersing in the culture is a nice way to challenge personal growth.”
A Dovetail Experience package makes the perfect gift for travelers, groups or couples who want to have a quality memento of their next trip. The owners also recently launched Dovetail for Business where they offer the service to travel agents, wedding planners, and resorts to scale their business and create additional revenue streams for those businesses.
Fisher also states, “We are moving towards trying to work with travel agencies, wedding photographers, and wedding planners. People spend so much money on their wedding and then go cheaper for their honeymoon, so we’re trying to do more marketing in that area and work with African American families that go to travel agencies. We want to make sure they are informed about traveling photographers and make special deals for those companies.”

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