‘Black Love Reigns Supreme’ at U of C’s Logan Center, Friday and Saturday

A scene from the theatrical production, “Black Love Reigns Supreme” (All Photos courtesy of Praize Productions, Inc.)

“Quote:” We want the audience to take away from this experience a profound sense of truthfulness and love within our culture, a genuine presentation of our stories. – Enneréssa LaNette Davis, CEO and Founder of PPI

“Black Love” is a cultural movement and a concept within the Black community that is exhibited in romantic relationships, familial bonds and friendships. It’s about celebrating and affirming the love, resilience and strength within Black relationships despite historical and systemic challenges. “Black Love” is often depicted in literature, film, and music, highlighting our unique experiences, joys and struggles. Now, there’s a show that examines its complexities.

A theatrical production titled “Black Love Reigns Supreme” will premiere at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts on the University of Chicago campus on May 3 and 4.

Presented by Chicago’s acclaimed dance company, Praize Productions, Inc., “Black Love Reigns Supreme” promises to deliver a captivating theatrical showcase inspired by 90’s R&B, offering an intimate exploration into the essence of Black love.

What is Black Love?

The production is a heartfelt ode to different facets of Black love, from the romantic to the friendly and selfless kind, spanning generations.

“I think sometimes we use the term Black love to the point where it becomes cliche. I was like, ‘What am I trying to say about Black love?’ Because that can be very open. I’ve got eros and all the other different types of love. What is God’s love? God’s love comes first. As the second runner-up, I wanted to bring people through and make them realize blackness, Black culture, Black people and Black community at the forefront,” said Enneréssa LaNette Davis, CEO and Founder of PPI.

An Immersive Experience


There is also an immersive experience that promises to captivate and fully involve participants, drawing them into a rich and multi-dimensional encounter that stimulates the senses and emotions and leaves a lasting impression.

“Once you walk through the visibility corridors, we have a photography installation where ownership of our narrative of Black people is taken,” Davis said. “We will also have some prints on the actual windows in the corridor, and then also the interactive Black love facing where you can take pictures with your Polaroid. 

Davis said there is also a 360 projection all around the theater during the performance that shows “beautiful pictures” of different aspects of love, including love in the form of “sisterhood, brotherhood, family and friendships.”  

Community, Collaboration, and Empowerment 

Recognized by the Girls Opportunity Alliance of the Obama Foundation, PPI continues to break barriers for girls with their groundbreaking work.

Artistic Director William Gill, from the Joel Hall Dancers & Center, joined PPI as the resident choreographer for the 2023-24 season, collaborating with Davis, the executive artistic director. Traditionally focused on women and girls, PPI now features male and female ensembles, including the RIZE Pro-Elite Company and the RIZE Youth Company.

This season, PPI teams up with Movement Strengthens Balance, LLC, and Dance With Me Productions to present an unforgettable performance.

“This year, we also did something different. Our production was funded by the Girls Opportunity Alliance. We have guest musicians and artists as part of all our shows. I wanted to teach our youth that collaboration and networking don’t start just when you are adults. That begins now,” said Davis. 

“We wanted to start teaching them like they would share the stage with one of our pieces, which is fantastic.”

Added Davis, “We have a beautiful imagery mood video photography that we’re already sharing ahead of time. We are getting out in the community and spreading the message to engage and empower people.”

Taking Back Our Culture

Mainstream media often portrays Black culture in a destructive light or reimagines it. This production aims to take back our narrative and share it. 

We are reclaiming that narrative to showcase the true essence of Black Culture, said Davis.

“We must share this with our younger generation, and we must carry this throughout public society through all of our work, professionally and personally.  I know the news interrupts our integrity in life, but no, this is who we are,” she said. 

“With storytelling, I also wanted to make sure that the pictures that everyone sees are still beautiful. We have all different shades of Black people and various sizes; we’re not monolithic. Continuously sharing this, we deserve to be celebrated and celebrate our love in our culture.”

What awaits us?


“Black Love Reigns Supreme” aims to feel like a warm embrace, a space overflowing with love—a rarity in many aspects of our lives. 

The show will infuse purpose with intention through entertainment, aiming to leave a lasting impact on those who engage with our work. 

“We want them to leave feeling something, embrace love, and reflect on themselves and others in a new light,” said Davis.

“Leaving our space, we want our audience to feel better than when they arrived, armed with newfound knowledge and perspectives that they integrate into their daily lives. This message isn’t just a performance; it’s a way of life,” she said. 

We live and breathe it within our organization, from our professional dancers to the mentorship we provide for young black girls. It’s about practicing what we preach, ingraining Black love into every facet of our programs and community work.”  

PPI hopes the audience carries this newfound perspective into their professions, communities and homes. 

“The message is for husbands and wives to listen to their children differently and see them in a new light. This message isn’t exclusive to any audience; it’s about transcending barriers and spreading love universally. Love, to us, knows no bounds,” she said. 

For More Information

When:  May 3-4

  • Doors open at 6:00 p.m. | Performance begins at 7:00 p.m. 
  • Show’s runtime: 2 hours

Where: Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, 915 E 60th St, Chicago, IL 60637

More Info & Tickets: For tickets and updates, visit  www.praizeproductions.com

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