‘Black-ish’ Looks into Spanking on This Week’s Episode

laurence fishburne (black-ish)

No matter how you grew up, spanking had to have played some role.

And that form of discipline will be front and center on this week’s episode of “Black-ish” as Andre Jr. and Pops go back and forth on whether spanking is necessary or not.

In Pops’ case, spanking is a no-brainer considering he spanked Andre all the way up to when he was a student in college. Diane, on the other hand is against it since she believes spanking doesn’t exists in this day and age anymore).

Despite, the opinions of the adults, the kids are the ones to watch. A clip provided to Entertainment Weekly takes us to Pops, who walks in on his grandson Andre Jr. while he’s talking to his siblings about “the whooping window,” and how at 13-years-old, he’s no longer at risk of getting spanked.

From there, Pops weighs in on the hot topic while giving something for Andre Jr. to think about.

“You still have an ass though… that means you’re still in the window,” Pops says.

“What’s age got to do with it?, Pops continued. “I spanked your daddy when he came home in the summer from college. He was like, ‘oh I’m in college now… listen to how smart my mouth is.’ I was like [smack].”

Needless to say, spanking continues to divide folks who feel one way or another on how it can or cannot help in raising kids.

So what do you think? Is spanking a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to disciplining children. The spanking episode of “Black-ish” will air Wednesday at 9:30pm E/P on ABC.
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