Black Couple Born On Same Day Gives Birth To Twins On Their Birthday

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An Ohio couple now shares the same birthday as their newborn twins.

Scierra Blair and fiancé José Ervin, both of whom were born on the same day, welcomed fraternal twins at Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital on August 18, the couple’s birthday.

“They were my birthday present and I’m good with that,” Ervin told People. “I’m so stoked. I kiss them like 30,000 times a day.”

The couple started dating in 2022 days after Blair turned 31 and Ervin turned 30.

“I thought she was telling a tale, because she asked me about my birthday and then said that’s pretty ironic, because that’s my birthday,” Ervin said. “I’m like, get outta here. But she showed me her ID and proved me wrong.”

Blair was attending a regular doctor’s appointment on August 17 when she was told she needed to go to the hospital for a cesarean section. Her doctors said her son was in a breech position and they didn’t want to risk any complications.

Blair and Ervin got to the hospital at roughly 4:30 p.m. for surgery before the soon-to-be dad asked if they could delay their twins’ birth so the babies could be born on their birthday.

“Since she was in good health and wasn’t stressed, and the kids were in good health and weren’t stressed, I thought, ‘Why not wait?’” Ervin recalled.

The couple now looks forward to spending their birthdays with their twins.

“We can just do one big celebration, do it all at one time,” Ervin said. “And that would be beautiful.”

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