Black Business Boom is Helping Small Black-Owned Businesses Pivot during Covid-19

While the nation fights to “flatten the curve” of Covid-19, Danielle McGee, CEO of Black Business Boom, has found a way to help small black businesses suffering from lack of sales.

Before Covid-19, many black-owned small businesses and startups were struggling.  It is known black businesses must work harder because of all the challenges that come with stepping out on one’s own.  In addition to having to deal with negative stereotypes like lack of quality in their products or poor customer service, these small businesses now have to contend with a global pandemic.

With many states enforcing stay-at-home orders effectively closing down all brick and mortar businesses deemed “non-essential” in the process causing them to retreat to online digital storefronts.  The gap needs to be bridged, and the black dollar needs to be reconnected to the black community.  Now is the time for small Black businesses to pivot.

“Black business owners don’t always have equal access to technology and resources; that’s where we step in to help.” – Danielle McGee, CEO of Black Business Boom

Danielle McGee is a Chicago native currently residing in Nashville is leading the charge in bridging that gap with Black Business Boom.  Founder Danielle McGee launched the brand in 2018 to help drive revenue to Black-owned businesses.  Black Business Boom focus was on coupon distribution and loyalty programs; Boomin also offers location-based marketing. Through this campaign strategy, mobile app users can receive alerts about sales, events, and promotions from nearby businesses.  This app-based program before Covid-19 focused on increasing foot-traffic to brick and mortar stores.

Now the Black Business Boom marketplace for Black-owned small businesses is taking its platform to an e-commerce focus.  The Boomin app features service-based businesses across various categories such as food, health and beauty, home and auto, and lifestyle and activities.  The company is also helping Black-owned restaurants by developing mobile apps for pick-up and delivery services.

“I started Black Business Boom because Black-owned businesses typically have less access to funding, which consequently limits their ability to spend money on marketing,” says Danielle McGee, Black Business Boom CEO. “Our platform is an affordable way for small business owners to generate revenue while attracting loyal customers.”

McGee also hosts an online show called the Boomin’ Black Business Owner series through Instagram TV, profiling different black entrepreneurs and their journey.   The mobile app is available for download on both iOS and Android. To learn more, please visit

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