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When You Need Some Advice Don’t Ask Twice… Ask Dr. Karen!
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Dear Dr. Karen
I have a serious issue. My boyfriend wants me to get breast implants because he thinks I am too small. He is a very successful man who can and does do everything for me. So, because he does these things for me, he can’t understand why I won’t do this one simple thing for him. I told him I do not want to do it.
He just recently asked me to marry him and wants to know if I’m going to do it. What should I do?
                                                                             Too Little
Dear Too Little:
If it is that important to him, let him get them. Your boyfriend may consider this a small (excuse the pun) thing to ask, but that only means he doesn’t understand the gravity (another pun) of the issue. Possible problems include scarring, lack of symmetry, improper position, hardening, lack of a natural look or feel, infection, pain, and the need for later corrective surgeries.
What if he doesn’t like the final result? Will you be stuck with something you never wanted after he’s gone from your life? Implants can affect breast- feeding, lump detection, and your general health. If he considers surgery a small thing to ask of you, what else might he ask later?
There are women out here who have lost their breast due to cancer or botched implant surgeries. You have two healthy breasts. You should be thankful for what you have and love the skin you’re in. The decision is yours!
*** Question: Would you alter your body for your man if he asked you to? Men Should you ask a woman to change what God gave her? And, would you surgically change anything on your body if your woman asked you to? Just a thought!
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