Betty Price, Founder of Feed, Clothe and Help the Needy dies. 

Betty Price, affectionately known as “Mother Price, died September 2 after battling cancer.  As a child, Betty Price grew up, often, hungry. She vowed that she would help others around her that were cold, hungry, and in need. After leaving her job of 23 years, she began feeding and providing clothing to the needy in her home.

Betty Price Mother Price Chicago DefenderMother Price acquired an old meatpacking facility at 1234 W. 59th Street, in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood to open Feed, Clothe and Help the Needy (“FCHN”) in 1998.  FCHN has fed hundreds of men, women, and children per week. The organization has fed and clothed the homeless. “I love feeding people; that’s the gift the Lord gave me. I love feeding people,” Betty Price told ABC7 in a 2015 interview. Price had also advocated for the underprivileged and raising the awareness of the disparities in the Englewood community.

Betty Price had served the community for over 30 years with love and was a mother figure to those she touched.  Her family will make sure that they will continue Mother Price’s legacy. She’s helped people that have leaned on her for food, clothing, doctor’s appointments. She’s lost three houses keeping this place open. By giving them a piece of bread when they are hungry, I have done my duty. That is what she’s taught us. That is the way she taught us. That is what my sister and I will continue to do,” Sheila Price, her daughter, told WGN9.

FCHN welcomes everyone, regardless of race, creed, faith, or position in society.

Weekly Hours of Operation – Food

Monday – Noontime hot lunch in the dining room

Wednesday – Noontime hot lunch in the dining room

Friday – Noontime hot lunch in the dining room

Weekly Hours of Operation – Clothing

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – clothing available for pickup from 9 AM to 4 PM

To donate, go to


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