Bentley Evans Brings Laughter and Heart in New Comedy ‘Mind Your Business’

Bentley Evans is at it again in his executive producer seat. But this time, he wants you to “Mind Your Business.” 

He’s brought America some of its favorite characters from renowned and iconic shows! So, if you’ve seen “The Jamie Foxx Show” or “Martin,” you do not want to miss Bounce’s original series, produced by Harvest Studios, “Mind Your Business.” 

“Mind Your Business” is a comedy based in Chicago, IL, with a star-pact cast and creative producers. The show will bring laughter, healing and a profound look into why family matters. 

The cast includes Columbus Short, Chicago’s own Drew Sidora, Rolanda Watts, gospel star BeBe Winans, Caryn Ward, Brely Evans, Bryce Xavier, and Chloe Elise Ellis. For a half-hour, viewers can go on a journey that explores family values through the lens of the Williams clan. 

Star-Studded Cast Revives Classic Sitcom Magic in Chicago-Based Series

The Chicago Defender’s contributing writer, Nicole Joseph, joined the cast at a roundtable discussion, uncovering the great expectations of this highly anticipated comedy.

When asked, Columbus Short shared that “Mind Your Business” is an “ode to Black sitcoms” as it sits on the foundation of many other shows that came before it. He named favorites like “Family Matters,” “The Cosby Show,” “Martin,” “The Jamie Foxx Show” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” 

Short, whose resume is quite long, has worked with producers such as Shonda Rhimes and Tyler Perry. He remarked on how great it was to work with them. Short also paid tribute to Bentley Evans for giving him the creative freedom to dive headfirst into comedy, “an experience I’m thankful for!”

Chicago native Drew Sidora appreciated how the series shares bits and pieces of Chicago with the world. For her, the rapport they built on set is how the characters are in real life. “We’ve grown as a family, support each other, and root for each other to win both on and off-screen.”

Legendary gospel singer BeBe Winans is eager to introduce the world to his new character, who reveals many depths of who he is as an artist. 

“As the father of twins on the show,” he saw firsthand how to navigate this role, “drawing from my actual life experiences.” 

It’s clear from the cast that he takes his role seriously as he shares fatherly advice on and off camera.

Lastly, Bentley reminded us that while the show is based out of Chicago, it is a comedy that indirectly shares its history. The show’s focus is on the family. 

As the show progresses and more seasons are added, he looks forward to sharing more about situations that directly impact Chicagoans in a true comedic fashion that shares the problem while bringing warmth and laughter healing to the mind and the soul.

Join the Williams Family for a Hilarious Journey of Family Values and Healing

BounceTV Mind Your Business poster

From the friendly banter of cast members and inside jokes of BeBe Winans to monitoring conversations and keeping things kid-friendly when appropriate, it’s clear the cast isn’t just family when the cameras are rolling—they’ve become family when no one is watching. 

Talk about an experience and even more reason to tune in to watch this hilarious cast navigate their family business, working together and healing old wounds as they grow in the process. 

The season premieres on Saturday, June 1, at 8 pm EST / 7 pm CST on Get ready to laugh while falling in love with the Williams family!


You can view the roundtable discussion with the “Mind Your Business” cast below: 

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