Bears bounce back strong with wins vs Jets, Bills after tough L to Patriots

Soldier Field — It was time to see just how real the Bears are. For years, the New England Patriots have been the ultimate measuring stick for teams in the NFL trying to capture just a piece of the championship pedigree that they have. WIth the Bears seemingly on the cusp of becoming one of those special teams Week 7’s matchup betwene the two squads was just what fans wanted to see after a strong start to the season.
However, instead of strutting their stuff heading into the matchup, the Bears basically limped into it thanks to Head Bear In Charge Khalil Mack and wide reciever Allen Robinson being hobbled  by nagging injuries….and it showed in a 38-31 L that even though it was close in score, never was relly in reach for a Bears squad that gave up to speial teams touchdowns and got carved up on defense to the tune of 38 points, the most points the Bears defense has allowed all season. The loss begged the question, is it time to let Mack and Robinson sit and let their injuries heal? Because although the loss made it clear they stillhad some work to do…the NFC North is till for the taking with the Packers, Vikings and Lions allstruggling to find consistency as well.

Even though we know the NFL is an “any given Sunday” kind of league, the timing of the next two games was perfect. With the less than formittable Jets and Bills and the Bears plates, the decsion to sit Mack and Robinson was much less diffcult. The Bears would find their footing with a 24-10 W over the Jets and opening a can of “whoop-ass” vs the Bills on the way to a 41-9 win. The wins put the 5-3 Bears in prime position to take hold of the NFC North as they sit on top the division as they head into 3 straigh division matchup’s in the next 3 weeks….that Khalil Mack and Allen Robinson in all likelyhood will be locked, loaded and ready for.

S***s about to get real for The Mosnters.


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