Aww Snap! The Bears Have Themselves A Quarterback!

The Bears FINALLY give the people what they want — Mitch Trubisky

Bears rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky made his first career start on Monday Night Football vs the Minnesota Vikings (Quinn Harris/ The Bigs Visuals)

SOLDIER FIELD — The Bears rookie quarterback had already reached the mythical level of “last name only” status before he even took the first snap of his career. Trubisky. That’s the name that every Bears fan is hoping they see behind center for years to come, effectively cleansing their memory of the false prophets that came before him.
After a plethora (30 to be exact) of quarterbacks we’d love to forget- four dreadful weeks of being force fed the high-priced, statue-esq, Mike Glennon, who never showed any signs of being a competent starter in the NFL, the Bears finally decided to take the “O’Jays” advice and give the people what they want.  
Monday night versus the Vikings of Minnesota was officially “Mitch-A-Palooza” and it seems everybody- from the fans to the coaching staff- had the fever! A quarterback making plays outside of the pocket, a fake punt play-call that lead to a touchdown, a double option to Trubisky for a 2-point conversion that was a thing of beauty, and a tipped pass that resulted in a touchdown had Bears fans everywhere asking themselves… Whose Bears are these?
Nevermind the truck load of penalties that the Bears racked up, dropped passes that should have been completed, questionable play-calling that has plagued the coaching staff, or that interception Trubisky threw on the Bears most important drive of the game, those all now seem like fixable problems thanks to the biggest takeaway from last night’s 20-17 loss that sent them to 1-4… The Chicago Bears have themselves a quarterback… and he’s already earning the respect of his players.
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