Award Winning Author Sophia A Nelson Will Talk Woman "Code"

Award Winning Author Sophia A Nelson        Will Talk Woman “Code”

The 2016 Missions and Marketplace Conference

Award Winning author Sophia A. Nelson addresses  the Code with women in business.
Award Winning author Sophia A. Nelson addresses the Code with women in business.

Sophia A. Nelson, Esquire is an award winning American author of two non-fiction books and an award winning journalist for her groundbreaking feature magazine articles. She has appeared on every major network, media outlet, and cable news show platform in the world. Her work and advice have been endorsed by top writers, journalists, political figures, and business leaders.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to acquaint yourself with her work or meet her in person heres’ your chance. The 2016 Missions and Marketplace Conference to be held March 27-April 1, presented by the Joseph Business School in association with The Merge Symposium will present Ms. Nelson as one of its workshop leaders.

The conference is bringing together some of the world’s most dynamic ministry leaders, business executives and artists for a powerful exchange of information that is designed to move you forward. “Taking the Lead,” is the theme of this year’s conference.

Ms. Nelson will be speaking to women in business about the woman “Code” that every woman should live by and why it is so important for Women in Business.  She explains it this way, ” The code is this in a nutshell: Women are better when we collaborate versus compete. Particularly for us as women of color. We are more powerful together than solo. The data shows that Black female owned businesses are the fastest growing in the United States. That is by necessity more than by choice. Black women who are in the corporate sector are the most likely to file EEOC complaints, be laid off, or aged out. Whereas our white female counterparts with less education or the same continue to advance. Black women are the hardest group to retain and advance. Hence, the Code is a way that we as women of all races and backgrounds can work together, support one another, celebrate one another and most importantly lift each other as we ourselves climb.”

No one knows about the “Code” better than  Sophia Nelson who has has varied career taking in her into different areas of the private sector opening doors that lead her to her destiny.  As a  former Congressional Committee Investigative counsel and corporate lobbyist, Nelson left legal practice in 2008 to pursue her childhood passion to become a journalist. In 2010, she became a freelance reporter and White House correspondent for JET magazine and various other outlets.

She is now a noted TV and radio personality, as well as a highly sought-after motivational speaker and corporate leadership trainer for Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and major universities. She contributes regularly to national media outlets.

Amongst her many credits and accomplishments Nelson is an award winning member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She was the first White House Correspondent for the iconic JET Magazine in 2010-2012. Though she ended her tenure with Jet in  2012 she was honored the same year as a  corporate diversity champion award winner.  The  previous year, 2011,  she was nominated  Pulitzer prize  author in letters. Today  Nelson receives over 30 paid speeches and corporate engagements per year.

She is a true crossover writer in both her careers as a journalist and an author. She has a strong female base of support across racial, religious, and socio-economic lines, making her one of the most highly sought after global female speakers of her generation.

Given the significance of the Missions & Marketplace Conference Ms. Nelson said her participation was  important  because,   “I am a woman of deep faith first and foremost. So, anytime I can speak on a platform that combines faith and business, I am excited because they are congruent. You need faith to succeed in life. Business is a leap. A risk. A dare. Faith is an essential ingredient and where we go in life, and how we get there.”

In closing Ms. Nelson said that she’d like women to walk away from her session,  “. . .with 20 powerful keys to unlock the greatness inside of them. It all starts inside of us. Everything we need to win at life God has equipped us with. The key is having the faith and desire to tap into our gifts and soar!”

Conference founder and host, Dr. Bill Winston, is an acclaimed visionary, ministry leader, author and award-winning entrepreneur himself and believes, “This conference is the right place for every attendee to receive the empowerment they need to take them to the top of their industry and transform it.” The conference draws marketplace and ministry leaders from every sphere of society: business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family and religion.

Other Keynote and workshop speakers include:

  • Bill Winston, Founder of the Joseph Business School and Senior Pastor, Living Word Christian Center;
  • DeVon Franklin, Film producer and New York Times Bestselling author and wife Meagan Good, Actress/Producer and New York Times Bestselling author;
  • Theodore “Ted” Shaw, Civil Rights Activist, Attorney and Professor;
  • Donald Lawrence, GRAMMY Award-winning Songwriter and Producer;
  • Marcus Lamb, Founder and President, Daystar Television Network;
  • Sophia Nelson, Activist, Speaker and Author;
  • Steve Pemberton, Author and VP/Global Chief Diversity Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance,

The conference is at Living Word Christian Center, 7600 W. Roosevelt Road in Forest Park, Illinois.
All speaker information can be found For more information or to register for daytime workshops, visit the website, call 866.816.4653 or follow @drbillwinston on Twitter.

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