Astronomical Juvenile Arrests & Senate Bill 2370

Why You Should Care

By Ken Hare
Chicago Defender Staff Writer
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Senator Van Pelt at a recent committee hearing.
An amended version of SB2370 passed on May 5th, in the Senate and has now moved to the House for a vote. SB2370 requires that any juvenile under 15 must have an attorney present during interrogation for murder and sex offenses, videotaping of all interrogation of youth for murder and sex offenses; and requires the creation of a simplified Miranda warning for kids, according to a press release from Illinois Senator Patricia Van Pelt.
Senator Van Pelt, one of the chief sponsors of the bill recognized the disparity in the astronomical arrests of children of color, particularly black males, the majority of whom never had an attorney present during interrogation. This quite possible has resulted in our youth disproportionately being charged with a crime and falsely imprisoned. See our recent story about this:
The Chicago Defender is working on a developing story that sheds light on a subject that we’re certain is not on your radar. Stay tuned… you don’t want to miss what we have uncovered.


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