Are You In This Trap: Money + Relationship= Disaster

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No one likes to talk about money. No one. Let me tell you what people like to talk about: How much they paid for their purse or car. How much their new Jordans or Gucci sunglasses cost.
How much money they spent on the gift they just bought, or dinner, or shots at the club. We can’t forget about how people love to show off their money too. How many Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pics have you seen of someone holding a gigantic stack of money? I won’t even get into how many “Outfit of the Day” pics there are.
Oh, and how many Louboutin, sneaker, and diamond watch photos do we view on Instagram every damn day?
Check out this facts:

  • Most (55%) of those surveyed have not yet discussed a budget with their partner or spouse for holiday shopping
  • Just over half (51%) report that they have not set aside money to spend on holiday gifts.
  • The majority (78%) of people surveyed say that they generally agree with their partner on how much to spend on holiday gifts. Of those who do not agree on holiday spending, a larger number of women admit they would like to spend more on gifts than their spouse.
  • The vast majority (93%) of those surveyed believe that their partner or spouse is open to discussing money issues.
  • One quarter (25%) of people surveyed say they disagree with their partner about money monthly or more.
  • Nearly one-third (29%) of respondents also report that they have argued with their partner about money in the last year.
  • Younger people (18-34) are more prone to conflicts with their partner about money: 36 percent disagree with their partner about money monthly or more often, while 65 percent of those between 18-24 and 41 percent of those between 25-34 report that they have argued about money during the last 12 months.
  • Three-quarters (76%) of those surveyed believe they share the same philosophy as their partner when it comes to managing money, such as saving versus
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