Are you Finished

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Often we are met with situations that throw our whole world into new meaning. This poem is about one mans reality and love. Where do we go when someone we love has disappointed us.
This is from the Miles series
Are you finished ?
City lights surround your body, as you watch the traffic down below.
I’ve watched you stand there a thousand times, your still beautiful to me.
The lights turned out in the room, no candles set the mood.
No music playing, Miles on hold, as you slowly cry.
I listen to you baby, it breaks my heart your pain.
I hide my face in the shadows, as tear drops stain my face.
Words cut deep in the room, no need to hide the truth.
No need to play silly games, I don’t care who’s fault it was.
I love you that’s all I can say, are you finish with that guy.
I hear your sobs, your body‘s shaking, the room it shares the pain.
And there between your cries of shame, I cry with you too.
These things we never thought for us, too solid was our bond.
We never had a single fight, nothing but love.
What happened, I don’t really care, its done that‘s the point.
No need to point a finger, the damage has been done.
I’ll rise above my ego, the pain I feel is real.
The tears will disappear one day, my broken heart will heal.
I love you thats all I can say…
are you finished with that guy.

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