Are Rihanna and Drake Shacking Up in LA?!

Ooh la la! What’s going on with Rihanna and Drake?
Could it be getting more serious between the alleged “steady” pop superstars?!
Sources said they have a crib together in LA! Yep, that sounds a pretty serious relationship!
“They have been sharing a space in LA together,” a source close to the couple told Hollywood Life. “It doesn’t really make sense for them to be apart in the same city when they’re trying to make sh-t work and get on that level.”
The source continued with, “this is just temporary — a trial run, if you understand. It’s convenient for them now and they’re trying to taking advantage of that.”
The two have been spending much time together!
They have been spotted going out on dates.
And they have been supporting each other as artists. Drake attended the MTV Movie Awards with RiRi.
And RiRi was basically on Drake’s “Would You Like a Tour?” in London — being that she spent so much time with him.
These two have gone from hooking up (friends with benefits) to becoming official in mid-March.
Well, the best of luck to new couple and shacking up!

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