Another Bobbi Kristina friend gets arrested for heroine use

Another member of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s inner circle was arrested and charged with possession of illicit narcotics, the media is reporting. Furthermore, the suspect’s mother is already serving time for heroin possession with intent to sell.
It has been reported that Bobbi Kristina’s friend Alexis Norwood, 22, was handcuffed and later arrested at a Georgia hospital in 2013 after a nurse treating her injuries after a car accident found “a baggie” sticking out of her bra.
“When able to recover the bag from the suspect’s bra, which in turn was a bag of suspected heroin… the witness called police to scene, and at that point handed the narcotics over to police custody,” states the report which was obtained by RadarOnline.
Moreover, Bobbi Kristina’s Instagram BFF and mother of Norwood, Paige Thompson, 43, is currently serving prison time for possession of heroin with enough to be found guilty of intent to distribute.
Interestingly enough, as Thompson’s daughter was read her rights, her possessions were given to her soon-to-be-imprisoned mother who appeared at the hospital.

Norwood got lucky, however. The judge saw to it that Norwood avoided jail time if she completed a pre-trial intervention ordered her to undergo random drug testing, community service and alcohol and drug treatment, according to records obtained by Radar.

Norwood was arrested by Milton police just a few months later for stealing her grandmother’s car and was allegedly found in possession of drug-related objects, according to another police report obtained by Radar.

Ophelia Ward, who previously spoke to Radar about her family’s ties to Bobbi Kristina, notified authorities after she noticed her car was stolen. A short time later, Norwood was stopped for driving allegedly driving erratically and with a suspended license.

When officers searched the car Norwood had allegedly taken, they found “two burnt spoons and three hypodermic needles. The two males were also taken into custody

However, as with previous episodes with law enforcement, Norwood got, shall we say, “lucky.” The drug charges were dismissed, Radar reported.

What ties the two situations together is the fact that various media outlets reported that Bobbi Kristina had a $5,000 a week heroin and cocaine habit.

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