Andrea Zopp: Thumbs Up Constitutional Right to Same Sex marriage

Andrea Zopp U.S. Senate candidate (D-Chicago)
U.S. Candidate  Andrea Zopp  (D-Chicago) gives thumbs up to Constitutional Right to Same Sex Marriage

U.S. Senate candidate Andrea Zopp (D-Chicago) praises 5-4 U.S. Supreme Court decision recognizing a Constitutional right to same sex marriage

While  many legislators have chosen to oppose the LBGT community their civil rights around the opportunity to marry and the marriage  legally be recognized  future Senator Andrea Zopp, U.S. Senatate Candidate (D-Chicago issued the following  statement:

On Friday  the Supreme Court stood on the right side of history by issuing a ruling granting same-sex couples across the nation the constitutional right to marry. All state laws banning same-sex marriage have been abolished and marriage equality is now the law of the land. I applaud this decision and join with all who believe in the freedom to marry in congratulating all of the individuals, organizations and leaders who have fought for decades to move the nation toward this watershed moment.
The words “Equal Justice Under Law” are engraved on the façade of the court, and today’s decision reaffirms those words and our tradition in America of expanding the scope of justice.

As president and CEO of the Chicago Urban League, I was proud to have the organization represented on the steering committee for the Illinois Unites for Marriage Campaign. In partnership with Lambda Legal, Equality Illinois and other LGBT leadership organizations, we secured the freedom to marry in Illinois and were part of the momentum that led to today’s nationwide victory. As the nation marks LGBT pride this weekend, the celebrations will have an even deeper meaning. My family and I look forward to marching in the Chicago Pride Parade, celebrating the marriage equality victory, and continuing the work to grant full recognition and protection to LGBT Americans. 


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