TAKE OUR POLL: All Fired Up About Fireworks

In my opinion, the fireworks leading up to July 4th and the day of the holiday have gotten out of control. It seemed particularly bad this year. During the day…pop, pop, pop. All night…pop, pop, pop. Dogs were howling. Kids were crying. Teens were complaining. And in some neighborhoods, the cherry bombs, rockets and other harmful fireworks seem to be out of control. It’s no longer simply firecrackers and sprinklers.  According to DNA Info, “Anything that’s handheld, explodes or takes flight is off limits and can result in a $200 to $500 fine. That ban extends to sparklers, which are OK for use elsewhere in Illinois but not within the city.” But yet, pop, pop, pop.  So, I’ve decided to take a poll of our readers. What do you think?
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