Ahmand Smith Releases Superhero Book “Kodi Blackman: The Eclipse” to Inspire Urban Youth

Ahmand Smith of R.B. Pest Solutions has provided a new superhero to the world with his new book “Kodi Blackman:The Eclipse”. Kodi Blackman is an exterminator and a superhero set on protecting and educating  his community with his vast array of skills and powers. Smith was born in Alabama and raised on the South-Side of Chicago. He attended Columbia College and parlayed his talents to produce and promote open mics and comedy shows throughout the city of Chicago.

Ahmand, his wife Robiar Smith have 3 daughters currently attending college. The married couple have also helped R.B. Pest Solutions to become one of the fastest growing and highly recognized pest control companies in the Midwest

The world of superheroes is heavily represented by white men. The addition of Kodi Blackman to this world helps to increase the presence of Black men and also serves as inspiration for all young children, specifically Black children. Kodi Blackman is hard working, intelligent and strong. He adds value to his community through acts of service.

“If I can just change the trajectory of one kid’s life with this book, I’ve done my job. The book is intended to inspire young black men and women. This is an attempt to give them all the space to dream, create, be brave and excel, ” shares Ahmand Smith.

The launch of Smith’s book will be accompanied by the release of a new product line for R.B. Pest Solutions inspired by Kodi Blackman. The official release of “Kodi Blackman: The Eclipse”  took place December 10, 2021 at Connect Gallery in the Hyde Park community of Chicago.


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