Aeriel Williams of Showtime’s “The Chi” Weighs In On The “Jordan vs Lebron” Debate

CHICAGO — When it comes to sports debates these days, there’s one question that never fails to get under Chicagoans’ skin.
Jordan or Lebron?
For us, there’s no debate. The Bulls six championships represent one of the most dominant times in sports history and are a symbol of MJ’s iconic career. From the shoes we wear, to yelling out “Jordan” before we shoot our jumpers, Michael Jordan is a Chicago legend in every sense of the word.

Aeiriel Williams as Shante and Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine as Ronnie in THE CHI (Season 1, Episode 06, “Penetrate a Fraud”). – Photo: Parrish Lewis/SHOWTIME – Photo ID: THECHI_106_134.R.jpg

For everybody else, Lebron represents maybe the closest we’ve ever seen somebody come to the greatness of Jordan. He defies everything we’ve come to think of as normal in the game. His physical attributes, his basketball IQ and his eye-popping stats suggest that he’s in the conversation but basketball purist know that when it comes to moments where individuals make the impossible possible, Jordan reigned supreme.
Local Chicago actress Aeriel Williams, who plays “Shante” on Showtime’s new hit show “The Chi,” took some time out of her busy schedule to talk about this hot topic and she had one message for y
ou Lebron heads! “Stop.” Check out our conversation below!
The Bigs: What’s your take on the “Jordan vs Lebron” debate?
AW: I really feel like it’s generational. If you’ve seen Michael in his prime, the man was just, wow. There’s no comparison. To me, it’s like comparing Chris Brown to Michael Jackson. They come from two different generations and are just two different sources of greatness. So, Lebron is great in his own way but Michael is iconic in his own way. So, I almost feel like we need to recognize them separately, but they’re both great.
The Bigs: Exactly, it would be easier to compare if they played in the same era.
AW: Yes, Lebron wasn’t laying when Mike was playing. That’s really the discussion. If Lebron and Mike were playing during the same time then maybe there would be a more balanced debate, but since they weren’t we just have to appreciate Lebron for who he is and stop this “is he better than Jordan?” debate….and stop teasing “Space Jam 2.” That belongs to MJ!
The Bigs: Why is “The Chi” important in terms of telling authentic Chicago stories?
AW: We’re lucky to have “The Chi” because it comes from the perspective of the people. We’re not relying on other folks telling our story. As long as it’s authentic, folks should pay attention.

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