56% of Dolton Voters Choose to Recall Embattled Mayor Tiffany Henyard

Jason House, Dolton Village Trustee, along with four of his colleagues are expressing their appreciation to the voters of Dolton who voted to recall current Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard from office. With 100% of the precincts reporting, over 54% of Dolton voters voted yes on the two questions on the ballot that prompted a recall of Tiffany Henyard as Mayor.

“We are grateful, honored, and blessed to the voters of Dolton who firmly stood up against this morally corrupt Mayor. Never in the history of our town have we witnessed a mayor who has chosen to ignore ethics and the law. The right decision has been made by the voters.” says Dolton Trustee Jason House.

Late last week the Illinois Appellate Court ruled to overturn a lower court’s decision to not allow votes to be counted in the recall election concerning Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard.

The Appellate Court’s ruling allowed Dolton residents to have their votes counted following the Tuesday’s, June 28th, Primary election. Mayor Henyard has originally challenged the legitimacy of the questions and was successful in convincing the lower court to rule in favor of not having the votes counted regarding the recall. However, the Appellate Court reversed that decision, therefore, allowing any votes concerning the recall to be counted.

 “We were grateful and well pleased about the Appellate Court’s decision. This was a victory for all the hard-working taxpayers of Dolton who are frustrated and uneasy about Mayor Henyard’s disregard for the law and the people’s monies. They have grown tired of hiring sex offenders and other corrupt individuals who do not reside in our town but collect significantly high paychecks.” says Trustee House.

 House adds,” The response was great from our voters. The residents were well aware and appeared to be ready to remove the mayor from power. Our community needed to be healed from this morally and criminally corrupt style of governing by Mayor Henyard and her staff.”

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