5 Ways to Celebrate Black Love Day

Did you know that February 13th is Black Love Day? Established in 1993 by Ayo Handy Kendi, Black Love Day’s mission is to preserve the legacy, culture, and tradition within our community. Based on five tenets – love toward the Creator, love for self, love for the family, love within the Black community, and love for Black people – Black Love Day was created to end violence, self-hatred amongst Black people, and racism to increase peace.

The 24-hour celebration goes beyond just one day, as the ultimate goal of Black Love Day is to practice each of the five tenets year-round. Showing that Black love is a revolutionary act. Highlighting the history and richness of Black culture. As well as demonstrating “love in action” through inviting other races to join in the celebration by adjusting their behavior and attitude towards Black people.

This year’s theme, “Finding Spiritual Joy Thru Black Love” focuses on inspiring hope in a time of trauma, fear, and COVID burn-out by acknowledging the Creator as our source. In addition to choosing joy over fear and viewing love as self-help within the Black community.

Black Love Day is celebrated in many ways. For some, it is supporting Black-owned businesses or participating in community activities. Whereas, for others, it could be something as simple as spending time with loved ones or sharing loving photos on social media. Below are five ways to celebrate Black Love Day going into the holiday weekend using the five tenets.

  1. Love Toward the Creator – Express gratitude to your Creator for their love and sustaining power. Recognize them for being your peace by protecting and providing for you. Spend time in prayer and mediation and find ways to embody that same love by sharing it with others.
  2. Love for Self – Practice self-care by spending time with and taking better care of yourself. Celebrate your wins. Be intentional about your goals. Go out and treat yourself to something nice. Extend grace to yourself through forgiveness. Rest and avoid negative talk by affirming yourself.
  3. Love for Family – Speak power over your loved ones and thank them for their continued support. Give praise when and where needed, shower your friends and family with gifts, show affection, and make time for them without distractions.
  4. Love Within the Black Community – Participate in efforts that support your community. Look for opportunities to lend your gifts and talents where needed. Become a mentor. Volunteer your time. Donate to causes that matter. Share your resources rather than hoard them.
  5. Love for Black People – Actively look for ways to uplift one another. Perform a random act of kindness. Support one another’s business ventures. Speak highly of each other. Stand up for one another. Spread love and joy by denouncing violence and hatred.

In the end, the goal of Black Love Day is to spend the day doing one thing to improve the lives of yourself and the people around you in hopes of building upon it throughout the rest of the year. So know that there is no right or wrong way to celebrate. As long as you remember to keep love at the center of whatever you do.


Contributing Writer Racquel Coral is a national lifestyle writer and journalist based in Chicago, Illinois. Find her on all social media platforms @withloveracquel.




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