It’s here…V-day! You are single and awake to read the news, blogs and Facebook all talking about one of Hallmark’s favorite holidays…Valentine’s Day!! For all the single ladies and men out there today could be better know as ‘Shots of Brown Liquor and listen to Nina Simone Day’. Yes, you could drown your loveless sorrow in alcohol and heart wailing music, but why?

Instead turn the tables on LOVE and show him or her who’s boss. Here’s 3 ways to make your single Valentine’s Day a blast:

#1 – Make yourself a priority: With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes we don’t make ME TIME. If you are solo this Valentine’s Day, takes some time today and make it about you. Buy that pair of shoes you have been eyeing, go to that gory, scary movie that none of your friends want to see, enjoy the space of just being with you!

#2 – Have a “Love’s Hangover Party”: Who said you have to love ‘LOVE’? Gather some of your single girls and don’t forget your single guy friends, add your favorite cocktails and some hot house music. Indulge in sarcasm and have everyone wear black. Celebrate not having to celebrate LOVE.

#3 – Give Love: Share your time with someone less fortunate than you. On days like today, it’s easy to fall in the self-centered pity zone of “me, me, me” and although you may be single on today, there are worst things to be. Find some appreciation for your current boo-less situation and give back at the same time. You could volunteer at a nursing home; you could drop chocolates off at a home for single teenage mothers or work in a soup kitchen. The list is endless and karma could reward you by brining some selfless love back into your life.

Most important remember your perception is your reality, being single is FAB if you perceive it that way! So enjoy being single, enjoy yourself and remember worst-case scenario, you could just sleep today away and start over tomorrow. Just kidding!  

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