25 year veteran of the Film and TV industry becomes First African American Owner of a Technocrane

The world of Technocranes just got a little bigger in the US and it gained some much needed diversity as well. Robert B Henning is the first official African American dealer for Technocrane S.R.O. in the US. This system is an essential part of a filmmaker’s toolbox as it allows for complicated scenes to be done with ease. Technocrane is a high end digital camera crane that uses state of the art technology to film. Henning has started a new company, Super Techno Jib, that will be the hub for this new venture. In partnership with his other jib company, Robdog Jib Rentals, Henning is a force to be reckoned with in this industry.

With 30 years of experience in filmmaking and cinematography, Henning is starting an- other leg of his journey in tv and film. He may be new to the dealership side of the Technocrane, but he is no stranger to the technology itself. His work can be seen in Dwayne Wade’s new game show “The Cube ” as well as the 2020 NBA All-Star Game Opening.

Henning’s work has also been seen as the show open shot on Dave Chappelle’s most recent stand-up comedy special on Netflix, “The Closer ” as well as on the hit show “Atlanta ” and movie SDF a Disney project. This is all a very short list of his accomplishments to shed light on the many years of work experience that Henning has in this industry.

Henning has worked alongside many notable people in his career including director and producer Stan Lathan. Lathan shares that he “hired Robert Henning on Dave Chappelle’s comedy special “The Closer” for Netflix and he was great; he made a valuable contribution to the look and feel of the show. He’s a very skilled Techno Jib Operator. I called him again for another Netflix special and he provided the Techno Jib and continued to do amazing work. I’m looking forward to working with him again when the opportunity presents itself.”

Super Techno Jib touts itself to be a company of diversity. Diversity isn’t just a buzzword with this emerging company, it is the core built into the fiber of what Henning is seeking to do. It can be seen in the structure of the organization, showing two young ladies, Henning’s granddaughters, as CEOs. There is even technology named after and inspired by one of them, the “Abby Plate”. Innovation and ingenuity are taking place at the highest level and with the youngest people on the team. Nothing prohibits them from this technology but instead, it is being placed at their fingertips. These young ladies represent the next generation that Henning wants to reach and give access to what may otherwise seem inaccessible.

Henning has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this industry that he is working to pass along to the next generation. He shares, “it is important that filmmakers have access to all of the creative tools and technology regardless of race, creed, or color. Products are usually reserved for elite productions with high budgets, which often excludes people of color because they do not have access to those technologies. Technocrane S.R.O. and Robdog Jib Rentals have teamed up in hopes of providing better opportunities to work with those products and technologies in areas where they normally would not have access.” His goal is to partner with those coming up in this field, provide opportunities, and pass down skills that can lead them to great success.

Robdog Jib Rentals/Super Techno Jib is the first dealer in the US owned by an African American. Robert Henning has made a central focus of the company to be that of diversity and inclusion. He and his company’s accolades span over 90 awards with almost 600 clients served, creating nearly 700 projects. This company goes beyond just creating works of art but also supports children’s cancer research and makes donations to animal rights organizations. Henning is committed to using both of his companies to create equity and accessibility in the filmmaking space.

To learn more and connect, visit https://www.supertechnojib.com/.

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