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I know just as Black folks are tripping on White people and their “privileged existence,” White people are tripping on the narrative of “Black-on-Black crime” and the so-called “immigration debate” concerning undocumented immigrants.

I’ve lived in this country all my nearly 50 years, and it never amazes me to hear some of the crazy and outlandish stuff that comes out of (some) White people’s mouths as they attempt to justify ALL of their actions over the centuries. It comes from talking heads on cable TV and/or radio. And it comes from police departments and their standard press statements to explain why one of their bigoted officers smoked an unarmed Black teenager.

What is amazingly unfortunate is that a portion of White folks don’t like to hear criticism about White folks. How do I know this statement to be true? Simple: I know my subscribers/readers. Whenever I make disheartening accusations or complaints about the White community, I see White readers unsubscribing. What’s interesting is that they enjoy letting me know personally that they no longer wanna receive the news service.

My response is normally, “just go to the bottom of the news service and click unsubscribe, simple!” I’m never surprised. If anything, I’m dismayed that White people will miss great editorials that may be of some use to them. I also get Black readers who’ll unsubscribe if I say something about their associate, friend, family, or foe. How immature on both White and Black sides.

I love all humanity and I truly wanna see mankind embrace each other and live in harmony, even if it’s separately. See, I have no problem with segregated ‘hoods. People should have the right to live where they desire and in the company of whomever they decide. Let’s be honest, most people enjoy living among people who share their common social/racial background.

That’s completely fair. My only issue is don’t judge others or use your perceived power or advantage to discriminate against (Blacks/Hispanics) because of our social/racial differences. God created (US) in His likeness and that was not to mean color. I think His likeness means we were born with the ability to think rationally and to love openly and freely.

What I’ve seen over the last few weeks has disturbed me terribly. First, the Starbucks incident, which was clearly racial. The Black ladies being removed by (White) law enforcement from a golf course in which they were members. Then the dude who shot up the Waffle House. That was a hate crime but select White people have refused to call it that. They would rather call the young man’s murderous action a case of mental illness, along with the White dude who used his van as a killing machine.

This nut bag actually had a weapon when they apprehended him. He pointed the gun and literally begged for the cops to kill him. Of course, they didn’t. This is a blatant example of White people with advantages/power scripting their own narrative to protect whiteness. How many times have we heard law enforcement or network news talking heads describe an illiterate, lost and confused Black teen as mentally challenged?

NOPE! Before we can even know his name and motive (we usually only know that he’s Black), he’s eagerly described as a ‘hood terrorist, thug, and gangbanger. In these cases, what’s also unfortunate is that even some (“unwoke”) Blacks will label him in the same vane.

White folks, really? What in the hell is going on? Why is this country still so accidentally bigoted? Yes, I say “accidentally” because I don’t think that most White people wanna be known as prejudice. But their nature and upbringing have been narrated by media distortion and false propaganda.

It has been easy for Whites to follow that script than to look, listen and learn from Black people at either their jobs, together on sports leagues, or on the battlefield during times of unwanted wars. These are places where Whites and Blacks have joined hand in hand. These are the real images of Black life.

I wish I had the “magic stick” that hip-hop artist and businessman 50 Cent rapped about. I would wave it and make bigotry disappear. You know, if a genie in a bottle gave me one freakin’ wish, I would not ask for massive wealth. I would wish to eradicate racism. (We) can then all make an abundance of money working together!


Carl D. West is the CEO/Publisher of TBTNews and founder of the TRUTH 4 Literacy Foundation, Leadership Luncheon, Legend and Pioneer Awards, all powered by Midwest Gap Enterprise.



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