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As I listen and observe the reaction and behavior of certain Black folks, I’m stunned at what I’m witnessing and hearing. Therefore, I’ll be writing a series of articles on why Black folks need to mature, on all levels—including in business, politics, community organizing, and education.

I remember the last mayoral election when the astute Dr. Willie Wilson announced he was running for Mayor of Chicago against the incumbent. Some of the background noise against Wilson was sickening. And as he just announced his candidacy for the 2019 Mayoral election, again, what I’m hearing from some Black folks gives me a reason to scream, GROW UP!

People are not really discussing whether he’s qualified because he’s an extremely successful businessman and community leader. This dude has built a business from scratch after leaving poverty behind in the South and moving to Chicago to provide a better life for himself and his family. He has given of his riches to disadvantaged families and organizations. But Black folks are disrespectfully stating that he’s not qualified because he’s too dark of a Black man and his voice has too much of a Southern slang. Again, GROW UP!

This man has done more than most Black folks can even imagine. His southern slang didn’t stop him from building a multimillion-dollar enterprise. How many of you correct English, educated Negroes have done that? Very few! Actually, 99 percent of you can’t even speak your native tongue. But because most of you are too busy being modern day slaves to corporations and following what they say as significant and valid for Negroes, you fail to even know who you are!

Come to think of it, most Black folks are descendants of southern states, as our parents and/or grandparents escaped the Deep South to find a better and safer life in the northern parts of America. So when you (adolescents) diss Wilson, you disrespect your freakin’ heritage that was entrenched in the South where Negroes were pitch Black, in some regions, with heavy slang dialect. Heck, my granddaddy was super Black and a mumbling preacher who served and loved, collectively, and was a partner in a construction company while raising 20 kids with his wife, my grandmother.

I want to point out several damn smart and respectable dark Black men who came from the Deep South and amassed real power in Chicago. We have Emil Jones, Jr., who went on to become President of the Illinois Senate, and then we had the late great John Stroger, Jr., who was the Cook County Board President. Both men were dark Black and had southern accents identical to Dr. Wilson. And may I express that they held elected positions representing all people, not just Black folks.

Black people, stop showing your ignorance and GROW UP. To judge a man and his qualifications because of his tone of voice is extremely immature and childish. Black folks, get WOKE!


Carl D. West is the CEO/Publisher of TBTNews and founder of the TRUTH 4 Literacy Foundation, Leadership Luncheon, Legend and Pioneer Awards, all powered by Midwest Gap Enterprise.



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