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On Monday Vice News released a special episode of Vice News Tonight called Charlottesville: Race and Terror. This news special highlights the recent racial events in Charlottesville, VA in what is really best described as 22 minutes of documented terrorism and horror. With countless law enforcement officers unpunished for taking a black life, racial protest, and Donald Trump as our President we should have seen this coming. America’s racist roots have managed to revive its forest of white supremacist to stand tall and proud after decades of being cut down by a façade of progression.

Alt-Right crowds chant “You will not replace us”

In the VICE News segment, White Nationalist Christopher Cantwell says that recent racial events sparked his interest in race matters he says specifically “When the Trayvon Martin case happened, and Michael Brown and Tamir Rice…every single case is some little Black asshole behaving like a savage and he gets himself in trouble shockingly enough. Whatever problems I might have with my fellow White people they generally aren’t inclined to such behavior” According, to Cantwell white teens don’t typically walk to the local store and back like Trayvon was doing when he was killed, White children don’t play at parks like Tamir was doing at the time of his murder, and white people don’t jaywalk like Mike was doing when he was executed. Interesting.

What is truly frightening about the segment is the overwhelming support for violence by the alt right. They came to the rally site dressed in riot gear and heavily armed. Later in the segment, Cantwell reveals several firearms that he had been carrying throughout the day at the protest and when ask about nonviolence Cantwell says “we’re not nonviolent, we’ll *explicit* kill these people if we have to.” These claims may be appalling from a single individual but Cantwell has hundreds of supporters and the numbers are growing. According to Neo-Nazi Robert Ray they are “stepping off of the internet in a big way…last night at the torch walk there were hundreds and hundreds of us. People realized that they are not itemized individuals that are a part of a larger whole, because we’ve been spreading our name, we’ve been organizing on the internet and so now they’re coming out, as you can see today we greatly outnumbered anti-White anti-American filth” KKK Leader David Duke says that rally is about the “ethnic cleansing or America” This sounds a lot like premeditated genocide. The rally ended up taking a deadly turn when a crazed member of the alt right drove into the crowd of protesters at a high speed killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer, a killing Cantwell says is “beyond justified” he also states that he believes there will be many more killings in the future.

Christopher Cantwell’s show-offs the weapons he concealed at the rally.

At this point, if you’re still in denial about the racial climate in America, you just may need a psychiatric evaluation because are literally witnessing the revival of Klu Klux Klan. The internet has served as a meeting place for bigots and they have arrived organized, and ready to cleanse America of the laborers they once needed. Since 2014 the racial events in this country have constantly digressed, and here we are in 2017 having a race riot with the most notorious hate group in American history. It is amazing what hidden traits will come to the surface in the right setting, and with a bigot for a president, it seems as if white supremacist have decided that now is the time to pull 1960 on us.  This is just proof that America’s racist roots run very deep, but until we pull those roots out of the ground, the forest of hate will always grow back.

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