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Please make plans to join the Bernie Mac Foundation for their Annual Purple Carpet event, which will be an evening filled with entertainment and updates on sarcoidosis. Mingle with friends, family, and supporters of the Bernie Mac Foundation, who may also include politicians and perhaps…a few famous faces.

The Bernie Mac Foundation is dedicated to preserving and continuing the vision and legacy of its creator, Bernie Mac, who desired to use his celebrity to promote awareness and research of the disease known as Sarcoidosis. Additionally, he desired to raise funds to bridge the gap between the medical professionals who treat, and the patients who suffer from Sarcoidosis; thereby providing support to Sarcoidosis patients everywhere.

Bernie Mac was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 1983 which left his lungs weakened. At first, it was difficult to live with this poorly understood disease and not know how it would impact his and his family’s future. For the next 25 years, and up until his death in August 2008, Mac and his family lived a rich and full life in many ways. He, Rhonda, his wife of 30 years, Je’Niece, his daughter, and Jasmine, his granddaughter, lived fully. Believing in keeping mind and body strong with a strong work and family ethic, he was careful about his diet, fanatical about exercise and strength training, and he worked closely with a team of doctors, following their direction and testing new treatments as they became available. He never gave in. His stand-up motto says it all … “I ain’t scared of you…!”

Mac’s belief that he could make a difference regarding a cure for Sarcoidosis started in 2006. With a vision and a generous donation from Bernie and Rhonda, the foundation became a reality in 2007. Bernie wanted to use his influence and position to create a foundation dedicated on the professional side to be the “Go To” source and on the patient side to give the patients a community, a meeting place, to learn and discuss the rigors of the disease called Sarcoidosis, and to make the research findings more accessible to those less fortunate.

Guided by the McCullough family’s charitable spirit and with the help of friendships and partnerships throughout the community, The Bernie Mac Foundation remains dedicated to continuing Bernie’s legacy of humility, charity, and sympathy by promoting scientific research and awareness. We are aggressively working toward the prevention and treatment of Sarcoidois, focusing on the disadvantaged, who would otherwise not have access to resources.

Our vision is to become a beacon of hope to Sarcoidosis patients everywhere—particularly to those who do not have access to care. It is our hope that through raising funds toward extensive medical research. We will be a part of the puzzle that gets one step closer to solving the mystery that is Sarcoidosis, so Sarcoidosis patients can be treated with the same urgency and care as Cancer or HIV patients. We will continue to work until a cure is found so that no one else must suffer or lose their life to Sarcoidosis as Bernie did.

As a result, The Bernie Mac Foundation is proud to announce the BERNIE MAC FOUNDATION Annual Gala, The Purple Carpet Fundraiser, Wednesday, April 26, 2017 from 5:30 – 9:00pm at Wintrust Building, 231 South LaSalle, Chicago, Illinois. Tickets are $150.00 which includes a VIP reception, dinner and entertainment. Corporate sponsorships are also available. Please RSVP to berniemacfoundation.org or contact Yvonne Moore at 312-291-4493 for additional information and event details.

Monies donated and proceeds from this fundraising event will go towards education and awareness in low to moderate income communities, as well as research of the disease.

With your donation, we will not only achieve our mission, but may surpass it! Your generous contribution to the Bernie Mac Foundation will help us reach new heights in patient care and research. Please make a gift today to ensure that we can finally end Sarcoidosis and fulfill Bernie’s legacy to go above and beyond our successes to find a cure.

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