ComEd kicked off its new Community Energy Management initiative designed to help customers save more energy and on money on their electric bills.

The project features a community-based outreach plan focused on building greater customer awareness and participation in its award-winning energy efficiency program, which has saved residential and business customers more than $2 billion in energy costs since its launch in 2008.

The effort is in partnership with the Hispanic Housing Development Corporation, the Latin United Community Housing Association (LUCHA), and the Resurrection Project and includes promoting existing its energy efficiency offerings that are in partnership with Peoples Gas like the Home Energy Assessment and the Multi-Family Energy Assessment.

“At a time of profound fiscal austerity, and rapidly increasing demand for affordable apartments, ComEd’s partnership can be an important tool to reduce energy costs and help stabilize affordable housing throughout Chicago,” said Hipolito “Paul” Roldan, president & CEO of the Hispanic Housing Development Corporation.

ComEd also will work closely with these partners to find and develop other energy management opportunities and new pilot programs for additional savings in diverse Chicagoland communities.

“Chicagoland is a wonderful microcosm of many diverse populations, cultures, and ways of life,” said Fidel Marquez, senior vice president of Governmental and External Affairs. “As the local energy company, we are continually looking for ways to personalize our customers’ experiences and make sure they are receiving information from us that is relevant and resourceful. Our energy efficiency program is designed to help all of our customers, regardless of age, ethnicity, or neighborhood. By educating and helping our customers become more energy efficient, along with our community partners, we see the benefits of how more concentrated efforts can help drive even greater participation.”

To promote this initiative ComEd has also partnered with several Chicago officials such as Illinois Commerce Commission Miguel del Valle to encourage residents to take advantage of these energy efficiency savings.

“Through partnerships with community organizations like these, I hope ComEd can greatly increase the number of Latino households which are aware of, and participating in, these beneficial Energy Efficiency programs,” Commissioner del Valle said.

Customers can sign up for a free ComEd Home Energy Assessment, which gives personalized savings recommendations they can use to better control the energy usage in their home. In addition, customers can take advantage of cash rebates on select ENERGY STAR® certified appliances, in-store discounts on select ENERGY STAR certified CFLs and LEDs and earn $50 for free pickup of old, working fridges or freezers. For more information on the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program, customers can visit or call 855- 433-2700.

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