…When there’s already Great America!

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Six Flags Great America – Raging Bull roller coaster

When Marriott’s Great America first opened in northern Illinois in 1976, it put Gurnee, Illinois on the map. Six Flags purchased the amusement park from the Marriott Corporation in 1984 and changed the name to Six Flags Great America.

At the time, the amusement park was home to some of the nation’s top attractions including the Pictorium, an IMAX theatre, which opened in 1979 claiming to be the world’s largest screen, at 64.5 x 88.25 feet.

Shock Wave was the world’s tallest roller coaster when it opened – and held it for one year before Magnum XL-200 was built at Cedar Point – and featured seven inversions, the most on any coaster at that time.

Another original Marriott’s Great America ride and record breaker was the 1976, Rue Le Dodge, which was billed as the world’s largest operating bumper car floor. Forty years later, the park is still drawing crowds in the millions with new record-breaking rides.

So when you hear the Republicans talking all that talk about “Make America Great Again.” Politely smile and remind them – we already have a Great America.


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