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Posted by McKenzie Marshall 

imageThe graphic video shows police officers pinning a man to the ground and fatally shooting him.

Alton Sterling, 37-year-old of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was selling CDs in a parking lot when two police officers pin him to the ground and fatally shoot him.

The Justice Department has opened a Civil Rights investigation to look into the incident. The local NAACP is calling for the city’s police chief and mayor to resign and other civic leaders, lawmakers and the family are demanding an investigation independent of the Baton Rouge’s police.

Gov. John Bell Edwards says the investigation will be thorough, professionally, and impartially. Gov. Bell is in full support of the Justice Department Civil Rights Division, the F.B.I. and the United State’s Attorney’s Office in Baton Rouge conducting the investigation.

Earlier in a news conference officials and the family of the victim spoke about the incident. They want to know why the officers shot Sterling outside of the convenience store where he was selling CDs. image

The 45-second video shows two police officers approaching a man in a red shirt, the man has been confirmed by the family’s attorney to be Sterling. It is unclear if both officers fired their gun or if one officer did.

Police officers rushed to the scene early Tuesday when an anonymous 911 call about a man threatening them with a gun was reported.

The officers then forcefully put Sterling over the hood of a silver car and then fall to pin him to the ground. Someone shouts “He’s got a gun,” and then you can see closely one of the officers pulling something from their waist and points it at Sterling.

There were screams and cries and then you can hear two more bangs go off in the background.

The video shot from the bystander surfaced on social media. People in Baton Rouge, Louisiana quickly went to the streets in protest and used the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag.

Social media has gone in uproar, the hashtag #AltonSterling is being used for people to discuss the incident and also to pay their respects to the family.


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