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As Detroit is known as Mo­town, it should not be a surprise that an increasing number of art­ists from the Motor City are com­ing to the forefront.

Neisha Neshae, born Daneisha Turnbull, has a new new single, “On a Cloud,” produced by Hel­luva, that is being heard in over 25 markets across the nation. An EP (extended play), “What the Streets Been Missing,” has been released and it includes “On a Cloud” as well as her next single, “White Sticks.”

At the age of 19, Neshae has broken through multiple per­sonal barriers to accomplish her goals and live her dream. As a toddler, she was removed from her mother’s care and placed in foster care where she stayed for two years before being moved in with her father and his abusive girlfriend.

“I come from where if you want something, you have to go get it, you can’t just have it, you have to work for it,” said Neshae.

Working a 9 to 5 wasn’t in the cards for Neshae, something she learned early on. As she has progressed in the field of music, she has performed with the likes of Diggy Simmons, Young Dolph and did two shows at the request of Grammy Award-winning producer Timbaland.

“On a Cloud” rep­resents the euphoric feel­ing of self-love and accep­tance. Neshae describes the video as “something I endured, like the way she (her dad’s girlfriend) looked at me, how it gave me that feeling of not be­ing wanted, my self-es­teem, it just all adds up.”


She continued, “I strongly believe in know­ing yourself. It took me being introduced to new people, experiences, mak­ing new music and going through the things I went through to love myself. Take time with yourself, don’t be in a rush to love somebody else if you feel that you can’t love your­self.”

Neshae and her #boss­baes have created a mu­sical movement reaching over 200k viewers on You­Tube and Worldstar Hip Hop in less than a month and was recently added to Vevo. She is enjoying the “It’s something that

motivates people and inspires them,” said Neshae. The T and B Group artist became very close to her mother as she entered high school.

Their relationship blossomed into a love she had never experienced, which was tragically cut short in her junior year. “We were best friends. I’ve never had a relationship with anyone like that before,” said Neshae. Mourning her mother’s passing adversely affected her ability to finish school. However, she has not given up on her pursuit of education. “When kids drop out of school, I don’t want them to think they cannot finish, there’s always a way to finish strong. I am definitely going back,” she said.

GOLD COUCH(1)Although Neshae is just now moving into adulthood, she offers sound advice to other young ladies facing adversity. “Love yourself and know yourself internally,” she said. “It takes time. Get to know yourself. The best thing about knowing who you are is that you may not know yourself completely, but you’ll always be in touch.” Neisha Neshae’s sound is such that she can go from a serenade to a “trap” anthem effortlessly.

She also has an appreciation for and a willingness to collaborate with other Detroiters. She feels the opportunity to work with other people and to “vibe” with them is added creativity and insight. Neshae’s next project

is “5,” the title chosen because the EP will feature five hot tracks.

Neisha Neshae recently announced she will be performing at 107.5 Summer Jamz 19 with headliners 2 Chains and Lil Wayne. Catch her performance live at Chene Park on June 11th.

Check out her latest project “5”

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