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Picture 30

Faced with the reality of contempt each day we rise and march on.

Shall I lie down

Shall I lie down and die

Shall I

Shall I

Shall I

Because you have long despised the

color of my skin.

Shall I.

Shall I lie down and die

as you have wished for oh so long.

Your shackles still burn my ankles,

my shoulders cry from the whip you

lashed them with, since I was born.

Shall I lie down and die, as you

beat me senseless time and time again.

No my inner souls cries out, not I.

Not I, who’ve cried out each night, as your

anger stains my back.

Not I, who’ve stood the lash of

your contempt.

No not I, your whipping boy for all of your

deep fears.

No not I as I watch the fear in you realize

I will not die.

Shall I lie down and die from the anger

of your gun.

Shall I lie down and die as you try to kill my brother.

Shall I lie down and die as you paint me as a monster.

No my soul says, as I rise and face your anger.

If this is what you wish I do,

then whip on cruel master…

whip on.

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