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jack daniels

His name may be Jack Daniels, but only his empowering words and advice will be delivered straight with no chaser to his clients on the new reality TV show “Black Love.”

Another thing: There will be no chair-throwing, hair-pulling, drink-tossing, “ratchet” rumblings or humiliating hi-jinks on the show that’s appearing on A&E’s FYI channel. Daniels is here to change perspectives so that he can change lives and therefore change destinies.

On the show “Black Love,” relationship guru and psychotherapist Jack A. Daniels  will be dealing with the most powerful, important and life-affirming emotion in the world: love. Daniels will help five African American women in New York truly understand love so that they can find it, nurture it, grow it and sustain it.

The 10 one-hour episodes premiered on Tuesday, December 8 at 10:15pm ET. Daniels will star as the host of the new docu-series #BlackLove along with certified dating coach and author Damona Hoffman.

But where did this guy named after a potent alcoholic beverage come from? Well, it’s like this: the prolific author, love coach and national speaker who penned “I Need a Wife… and Where are the Real Women?” began his career excavating men who were literally buried underneath so much emotional dirt and garbage they were unable to love themselves and subsequently failed to find love with a partner. He became so effective at transforming these men that he began working with Fortune 500 companies. He became an expert at helping people “get out of their own way” and untangling people’s minds so that were tied into knots so that they could maximize their full potential in corporate America.

Further more, his His NAACP award-winning book and 14-city tour that was powered off of his “I Need a Wife… and Where are the Real Women” book was attended by more than 23,000 people who openly discussed and explained why they were, “Single, successful and ready for marriage but I couldn’t seem to find quality women.”

“Seventy-five percent of all those guys are either engaged or are married since that actual tour that we did,” Daniels boasts rightfully as he became known as the “King of Breakthroughs.”

His success was generating so much personal light that it was easy for the producers of “Black Love” to find the charismatic and witty love doctor to lord over the show and who truly wants to see people happy.

“They called me. They noticed some of my work and were fans of it. They were putting together this show and really needed someone who could handle the arena – someone who’s passionate at helping women find love and find themselves,” he said.

Furthermore, Daniels adds, he was not some fake celebrity therapist who had beautiful Instagram pages, but who had helped no one. Daniels has put in work.

“I’ve worked with hundreds of people. And people can come forward and say ‘yes, he changed my life,’” he said. “They wanted to take chances on my crazy antics and it’s going to be different from the other shows. No catfighting, no drink throwing. You’re going to see them as professional, intelligent, beautiful black women who want to find love.”

On the show, Daniels helps these black women on their inability to find a mate through commentary on what they are doing right and wrong in their dating ventures. Daniels is the founder of The Breakthroughs Institute and one of the world’s leading authorities for overcoming fears and getting people unstuck in love, relationships, business or life.Daniels has also created several award-winning programs including Healing 100 Hearts in 100 Days, the Stay Out of Your Own Way tour and the extremely popular Mate Attraction.

Finally, there’s a show on relationships, and black love at that.

For Atlanta based relationship therapist and five-time bestselling author Jack A. Daniels, this show is a dream come true.






Relationship expert Jack A. Daniels helps black women find love in ‘Black Love’ on FYI was originally published on atlantadailyworld.com

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