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Maze Jackson

Maze Jackson

I hear it all the time, “There is no Black Agenda.” I beg to differ, There IS a Black Agenda, but the question is is it the Black Black agenda? Bear with me, because this is going to get confusing, but if you stick with me to the end it will all make sense, so here goes:

We know that White people have a sense of entitlement to the best that America has to offer. They assume it as their birth rite, to passed from generation to generation. And they fight to protect it boldly and subtly, whether in business, politics, civic, or education. Whether by default or design, the White community has a White Black agenda. You may have heard of it, it’s called “The American Dream.”

Next we have the Latino Black Agenda, which started out as the Black Agenda, then became the Black/Latino Agenda, which eventually became the Black Latino Agenda. You see Latinos were the minority of the minorities, so to build power, they initially aligned themselves with the Black Agenda. As their voice grew alongside their Black allies, the Latino community grew strong enough to create their own Latino Agenda; but, instead of realigning with the Black Agenda they jumped on top of Blacks in the White/Black Agenda, creating the Latino/Black Agenda.

Finally, we have mythological Black Black Agenda. It requires deliberate communication and coordination, among the engines that make the Black community go, businessmen, politicians, educators, and social service networks. These community drivers must meet to discuss the collective interests of the Black community FIRST, THEN decide collectively the role that each has to play in advancing those interests, and consciously work toward those interests in every instance. THAT will be the Black Black Agenda. Get it?


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