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play mobile

ATLANTA -The Department of Parks and Recreation announced today that the Play Mobile, also known as the city’s recreation center on wheels, will return to city parks this summer. The Play Mobile will travel throughout the city on weekends from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., visiting neighborhoods that do not have static recreation centers and giving all Atlanta youth access to free recreational activities. “Since partnering with Coca-Cola last year to launch this innovative recreation center on wheels, the Office of Recreation has reinforced physical activity outside for youth of all ages,” said Amy Phuong, Commissioner of the Department of Parks and Recreation. “We’re combating health issues, in addition to providing safe environments for youth to play in their own neighborhoods.” The Play Mobile creates a safe, interactive and fresh air atmosphere that encourages children to go outside and play. Rain or shine, for three hours, Parks and Recreation leaders will guide free activities and games for youth. Youth will enjoy non-traditional sports, games, fitness demos, arts & crafts, as well as over-sized board games. “The Play Mobile positions the department to further realize Mayor Kasim Reed’s commitment to Atlanta’s youth by bringing structured programming to neighborhood parks throughout the city,” said Annika Holder, Executive Director of the Office of Recreation. “The Play Mobile is equipped with scooters, hula-hoops, arts & crafts, ring toss and much more.” The Play Mobile weekend tour schedule begins Saturday, May 30, 2015, and will continue until the end of November. Please visit http://cp.mcafee.com/d/1jWVIi4x0pdEIcFL9KcFLCXCSnDDAS763rbPPOrWb1JBVVVdxNMSzt-XPNEVd7dS3sW4URmEjB7Ml7ZfD9nWa-xbundN_jVOl-yLEiTBPrW2b8VNZ_HYOOUqenAmeLsKCO-DPzPbO9EVd7fbnhIyCHsQsFYG7DR8OJMddICPhOrLOtXTLuZXTdTdw0OsVHpxjJCvI9WhTydje0nMf3OiSAvehhujdw2lSA_y2JCvI9WhTydj9JCXybxIiBcIq8aKCy0gCvI9W0pEw2gwAq80XRJzdnUjd45njh05JylEq8dwwq80nZE_IVlwq80jlKd3h1cDVEw2N-Bzh0dR8ifYQgrcQg2kFBzh05JylEq80VKcE4jh1cDVEw66Rlvyq81KI9AW6y0SyyedHgRG2nJh <http://cp.mcafee.com/d/FZsS738wcy1J5xBdVdNBdYTsSOYYYCMUMrpuuujvhodILff9Iee6QrLTuud79EVKMrDgD6GR2sE-2E_FYVa_hnQ9rOVKfWveiLQlZ2mYKrvghp7efLZvCmn3hOYyNRXBQSnQ-supuhd79EVVqWdAkRrCzBfBgY-F6lK1FJwSqejt-jLuZXTLuVKVI0602Sp-MDF7u8RcU1v0Yf9bqhYV55VcS09nqj-8aSp-MDF7u8RcCSrK8K6NakONEwGWq812p-MDE1Cy0922hEw3LmScRvxcQgltd40mS9mxEwS21Ew1vSz-PBm1Ew1dmUQd44OvCy0b7Wmd40Tkx8_Ph1IPh09iCmd40mS9mxEw3CUOwhd44OvCy0orll-9Ew6WMCjEq83qa8UT2oxca6v> to view the current schedule. The full schedule will be posted in coming weeks.


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