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MInster and Mrs. Gill

MInster and Mrs. Gill

The Faithful are Called

Minister Gill and wife Sandra Gill have taken a bold step in faith. While others are taking steps in numerous ways to help change the destructive ways  of the world through service, example, practice and behavior. Some choose to go into the medical or healthcare profession to help heal and cure the sick, others choose to pursue careers in the legal justice system to serve and protect, while others seek to transform the declining eco system, an then there are those men and women of the clothe who seek o provide guidance for the soul.

MInster Gill says, “We are calling 30 million Black people  to pray in the original name that Yah (Psalm 68:4) the heavenly father gave to his son, Yahshua.”


“The name Yahshua does exist in ancient scriptures spelled as it is above, most people don’t know it (my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge Hosea 4:6). Get the heavenly father on our side and win the spiritual war!”

Truth be told for all those who say they believe in the poster of  the one true God, why not ? It certainly couldn’t hurt to pray for good in the world, so why not?

The call is for Black people all over the world to do for themselves, to pray simultaneously in our savior’s Hebrew name Yahshua (Acts 26:14) on July 11, 2015 at 8pm eastern (New York) time.

The Minsister says, “Unite the family at this time and pray together that our hearts are changed:

  • That we come into his obedience
  • Stop the killing that others are inflicting upon us and that we are doing to ourselves
  • break the cycle of oppression
  • Wake from the spirit of slumber
  • That we come unto salvation

Love our heavenly father with all your heart, soul and might-deuteronomy 6:5. Our identity crisis is one of our major stumbling blocks. Have pride in how he created you. He didn’t make a mistake. Stop following and lead righteously.”

 The Minister says, “We don’t want your money, we have nothing to sell; we just want you to pray with us and make a change in the world “get on board” and see yah work.”

For more information  call or email:  (303) 450.1245; email: gillthedrummerman@hotmail.com

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