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faizon-love-bill-cosby You can count Faizon Love among those standing in support of Bill Cosby.

According to reports, the “Friday” star has been on a Twitter rampage over the past few days with a series of tweets slamming anyone who’s come out against Cosby as well as the women who accuse him of sexual assault and fellow comedian Hannibal Buress, who got blasted for talking about Cosby’s situation in his recent stand-up comedy performance.

Love’s tweets, which started Wednesday, have raised more than a few eyebrows and triggered a slew of responses, which resulted in him hurling racial slurs and insults at his haters. The entertainer eventually became a trending topic nationwide on Saturday after tweeting the following message on Thursday:

“I’m gonna say it because Mr.Cosby can’t… F*** them b*****s and they mamas to!!! And the house n**** Hanibal Burress too.”

Needless to say the backlash against Love rained down immediately as the public responded in kind with the first of many tweets.

“lol bruh…you gonna regret this…,” tweeted one person. Although some of Love’s nearly 25,000 followers appear to agree with him with responding tweets of “true” and other acknowledgments.

However, a number of the funnyman’s followers took the opposite stance, saying they were unfollowing him in reaction to his remarks.

“@FAIZONLOVE SAY DAT DEN!! No proof, No convictions, & they took money? Yeah, i question these h*es motives,” @KEMPSAIDWHAT, a Love supporter, tweeted.

Despite the loss of followers, Love is apparently unfazed as he continued defending himself with derogatory messages for his critics.

“whats f***ed about this!!!! they covering these funky b****es story more than when Mr. Cosby son was murdered on the 405 #F***THEMB****ES,” Love tweeted on Friday.

As it stands now, there is no indication that Love has apologized for his comments. The entertainer is even more defiant with labeling his detractors “house n****s” and “porch monkeys” while maintaining that Cosby’s accusers are lying.

And if you’re wondering if all the remarks were the result of Love’s Twitter account getting hacked, think again. The International Business Times stated that as of Saturday evening there was no indication of such a thing happening.

Read more at http://www.eurweb.com/2014/11/faizon-love-stands-by-bill-cosby-blasts-critics-and-hannibal-buress-on-twitter/#eSGHeAIQvEkhZG4X.99

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