John Legend, Chuck D, Lauryn Hill & More Rally for Mike Brown

*John Legend is one of the stars who stood up and rally for Michael Brown. In the photo above Legend wears a “don’t shoot” shirt in reference to the August 9 shooting of Brown.

Other rappers and singers are making their voices heard by stepping foot in Ferguson, Mo and expressing their feelings towards oppression, racism and injustice through song.

“It’s really important to see hip-hop’s role of being some grown-ups and doing some really stand-up, grown-up stuff,” Public Enemy’s Chuck D, one of rap’s most powerful voices, said in a recent interview. “These people have actually stood up … and that has to be saluted.”

Chuck D said he’s impressed with today’s rappers taking action and advocating through hip-hop. In particular, he’s proud of J. Cole who released “Be Free” in honor of Brown.

Socially- conscious rapper Talib Kweli also marched in Ferguson. David Banner appeared on CNN as did Kweli. Nelly started a scholarship in honor of Brown. Lauryn Hill released “Black Rage.”

“When the dogs bite, when the beatings, when I’m feeling sad I simply remember all these kinds of things and then I don’t feel so bad,” she sings.

The Game also released a song in honor of Brown and speaking about black folk’s modern-day oppression, “Don’t Shoot” with Diddy, 2 Chainz and Rick Ross.

“I wanted to do my part in bringing awareness to it, so that at the end of the day that I can sleep well knowing that I used my voice correctly,” the Game said.

Many other celebrities like Kerry Washington and Jesse Williams have spoken up about the tragedy. But some of hip-hop’s most popular stars who have remained silent on the tragedy and its movement.

“I don’t believe everyone has a role for this, and I also don’t believe quantity takes over as quality. I think we have a quality combination in there,” Chuck D said.


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