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”‘They said, ‘you are getting booed up, wifed, and trying to have a baby. You are unf*ckable to us.’”

R&B singer Nivea most known for her 2002 single “Don’t Mess With My Man,” sat down with Madame Noire to explain why she took a break from the music industry.

“At the time I wasn’t receiving a lot of support,” expressed the Atlanta native. “I had management issues and imaging issues. I was being labeled ‘unf*ckable’ to male fans because the industry wants female artist to be attractive because sex sells. They said, ‘you are getting booed up, wifed, and trying to have a baby. You are unf*ckable to us.’ Jive Records, the industry itself and all of the games you have to play, and the fake persona you have to maintain is overwhelming.”

niveaThe singer said the number one reason her career didn’t take off as well as other artist was because her second album was recalled.

“”Complicated” wasn’t distributed in a large amount and most of the ones that were distributed were defective,” explained the 32 year old. “They wouldn’t play in certain laptops, CD players or cars, so they did a recall.”

NiveaWhen asked about the recent allegations against her ex-husband she said no comment.

Nivea was married to The Dream, with whom she has three kids. After they divorced, Nivea went on to have a son with Lil Wayne.

“It’s good between Wayne and The Dream and I, we have an understanding,” stated the artist. “Forget all the personal stuff, we’re trying to raise our kids and we respect each other as parents. Some of the other mothers, of Wayne’s kids and I came together. Toya and I had a relationship and we naturally liked one another out of respect.”

niveaNivea went on to say she has a spiritual connection with someone right now but she would never get married again.

“We have a lot of false beliefs in what we think marriage is and should be,” continued Nivea. “We get in it for the wrong reasons, we get out of it for the wrong reasons, we really don’t understand what marriage means. I don’t believe in it anymore.”


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