This year’s retreat will offer young girls a special and memorable experience as it will be done alongside the Dudley’s annual “Educational, Motivational Symposium.” Girls will vie for an opportunity to walk the “runway” in a hair style competition featuring stylists from all over the United States.

Done in small groups of 10-12 girls ages 12-18, the retreat is a dynamic confidence-builder for young girls by offering workshops that give insights and know-how to take care of mind, body and soul. Each girl will leave with a makeover of their outer beauty and taught how to tap into a God-given inner strength to help keep them on the path of growing into beautiful, strong, discerning future leaders, with a plan for success. Acceptance into the retreat is on a first come basis.

The Center for Community Advocacy makes it possible for every child or young adult to participate in any CCA-sponsored events through fundraisers. Family and friends can help sponsor a girl by assisting her with obtaining 12 pledges at $10 each.

For more information, contact Debra Williams at Dudley Beauty College 773-488-5900 or Mr. Davidson at 773-742-4544.

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