If you enjoy “laughing out loud” then “Let’s Be Cops” is for you, comedian/actor Damon Wayans Jr. said.

The well-known Wayans brother, who has appeared in “The Underground,” a Showtime television series, co-stars with Jake Johnson and Rob Riggle. Wayans and Johnson have shared the screen together before in a pilot for “New Girl,” a popular television series. Wayans also played in “The Other Guys” with Riggle. Now you can see the trio together, Aug. 13, in this new comedy about two best friends who pretend to be cops for the pretty women, power and perks.

What starts off as a fun time, quickly turns into a dangerous situation when the two get tangled into drama with a mob and a dirty detective. Riggle plays the good cop who is convinced that the duo are legit. It isn’t until later that he finds out the truth.

Johnson said that he and Wayans both got the scripts and decided to audition together since there were rumors that the director liked both actors for the roles.

“We knew we were going to have fun and we’re all believers that if you have fun making something, you have a good chance of people liking it,” Johnson said.

Nothing in the script surprised the actors, they collectively agreed. More than half of the jokes were improvised, Wayans said.

There is a scene where Damon finds himself in a “warm” and “smelly” situation, something Wayans said he requested be in the script.

“The real deal was this movie was potentially going to be PG-13,he said. “We were shooting R-rated and PG-13 scenes throughout the entire movie and I knew that if we were to get this scene, and it were to be funny, it would tip the balance into our favor.”

There are quite a few action scenes, but because Johnson and Wayans’ characters aren’t real cops, they said no physical preparation like a strict workout regime was required for their roles. Riggle said he was the only one with experience handling firearms.

“I was in the Marine’s for a long time so I had some training,” he said. “They’re not supposed to be technically proficient because they don’t know what they’re doing so actually it worked to their advantage,” Riggle said about Johnson and Wayans’ characters.

The improvising works for this film, preventing it from being forced humor. The ending might catch viewers by surprised, but in a good way. It’s a must see, the actors said.

“It’s one of those movies you’d want to see in the theater with other people because you’ll get the full experience and it’s a guaranteed laugh,” Wayans said.


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