lala anthony - latina mag

LaLa Anthony shines on the cover of Latina Magazine’s August issue.

Anthony isn’t just looking glamorous on the cover, but is opening up about balancing out her family life.

She definitely has a lot going on. And she’s not afraid of dishing about it.

Anthony talks about the possibility of having another baby; being busy with work and family; her parenting skills and taking advice from her mother when needed.

Yes, she’s one busy career woman and mother. Recently, she launched her clothing line, 5th and Mercer.

“I know what works on Latinas, black women and curvy women,” she said. “But it’s great that a website like ShopBop that isn’t used to having that kind of consumer—they’re used to stopping at a six or an eight—to push them to go up to a fourteen and understand our kind of woman.”

Balancing out a career and family definitely keeps her on her feet, but it’s also harder right now to expand her family.

“I do start feeling bad because [my son, Kiyan, 7, will] ask about a baby [sibling] and I feel a little selfish,” she added. “If I did have another child, the reason would be that I wouldn’t want my son to be alone in the world as an only child. But we’ll see.”

Nevertheless with so much going on, she manages to handle it overall effortlessly. But that doesn’t stop her from seeking advice from her mother from time-to-time.

“I always go to my mom for advice. Even when I went through crazy phases in my life, she allowed me to be me and never said, ‘You shouldn’t be doing that!’” she continued. She’d just give me the pros and cons and allowed me to make my own decisions.”

Anthony added, “I hope I am my son’s best friend, and I want him to feel like he can come talk to me about anything—good or bad, because that’s what I used to do with my mom. If they can’t talk to you, that’s when they go to outside influences and they might make wrong choices.”


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