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Thomas rica stole 460K in coins, no jail time given

Some would argue that it definitely pays to be a white man – even a deeply tanned one, at times like this.

It is exactly in these times that we see just how lopsided “the system” remains when it comes to equal justice for all.

By no stretch of the imagination, this may be the most perfect example of how, if the tables were turned and the guilty party was a black man, you could bet your next breath he would have gotten a prison sentence.

In this story, however, a former public works inspector for a small town in northern New Jersey actually admitted that over a two year period he actually stole $460,000 in quarters that had been collected from the city’s parking meters .

And the judge decided he doesn’t have to go to prison for it.

Instead, Superior Court Judge Patrick Roma has given him five years of probation.

Is your blood boiling yet?

Read more at http://www.eurweb.com/2014/07/official-admits-he-stole-460k-in-quarters-gets-probation-betcha-he-wasnt-a-black-man/#lTEQtulrQhFUrT0Z.99

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